The testimony of Thierry Casasnovas

I had an ordinary personal and professional life until my twenties. My studies in the sciences, particularly in theoretical physics, helped me to understand the complexity of life and to recognize that there was no objective worldview, but rather that all views have been conditioned by the observers and the conditions of their observations. Although intellectually understood, this reality is only minimally incorporated into practical life.

After following a rather chaotic path that heavily affected my health, I ended up with a severely depleted level of vitality. My immune system devastated, I developed tuberculosis and rickets, and became desperately ill.

At 33 years of age, I was facing death.

This is how I became interested in physiology and nutrition.

Meeting with pioneers in raw foodism in France enabled me to experiment on myself and to restore my health. Then I gathered all of my resources—my scientific training as a physicist, my Christian faith and my great hope in the human species—in order to study physiology, match integrate the various factors and develop a representative human model to demonstrate the process of regeneration.

I particularly understood that we were not studying the world directly, but always through an analytical framework, a model—and that this model could might change if the results of our research did not correspond to our expectations, meaning that this model had led me to disaster…

My path was marked by many inspiring and influential encounters. All the major thinkers of natural hygiene accompanied me through my extensive readings: Herbert M. Shelton, Norman W. Walker, Bernard Jensen, John H. Tilden, etc. However, it was the meeting with Dr. Robert Morse that really got me going, giving me rich, powerful vision of the human being, simple yet not simplistic—a vision that allows us to strive above all for efficacy and not for mere intellectualism.

Since then, every day I passionately scrutinize the latest literature on Pubmed or NBCI, listen to long hours of conference presentations by the finest specialists in functional and integrative medicine, and pursue research in areas as diverse as both traditional natural medicines and the latest medical developments regarding the discovery of the fundamental role of bacteria for humans.

In all of my work, I strive to expand my viewpoint, break down walls and limitations, cross disciplines and, above all, advance in a way that is neither  dogmatic nor divisive, but rather combines the best aspects of each discipline.

This simplicity matches the simplicity of the laws that govern us. I deeply desire to bring to light these precious universal laws applicable to all levels of living beings and creation, because only knowledge of these laws will free us from pain and disease.

Without awareness of these laws, we live in a world of arbitrariness in which disease and suffering come to us seemingly by chance. Restoring coherence, order and laws enables us to escape blind submission to chance and to claim anew the full power of choice.

Failing to teach these biological laws from a very young age is an omission with tragic consequences.

My goal is to rectify this situation.

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